South Eastern Data Center, Inc. - Moving Businesses Ahead


A growing company needs to build up its data storage and infrastructure. SEDCI’s colocation services provide the space and security you need to move your business ahead. Our industry standard Data Center facility is incorporated with the necessary network and physical security to host all your business’ critical applications and data. We prioritize connectivity to make sure no downtime occurs with multiple backup lines. Power is also essential which is why we apply redundant power so that our power systems are always up and running. Our cooling system is maintained in a monitored temperature.

Data Center Features:

Data Center Facility

Tier 2; redundant capacity server power fail-over.

Cooling System

Continuous equipment temperature maintenance.

Redundant UPS

Ensures power transition in the event of an outage.

Network Protection

Industry standard methods to ensure network security and monitoring.


24x7 Technical Support.


Equipped with resilient server infrastructure.

Redundant Power

24x7 back-up power system.

Fire Suppression

Equipped with FM fire suppression system.

Industry-Standard Design

Raised flooring and overhead network trays.


Highly secured door-access systems and CCTV cameras.