SEDCI’s Cloud Applus provides you some of the essential apps to move ahead in your industry. Our array of applications let you reach your target market and more. We offer SMS, Voice, Charging, and USSD APIs to suit the requirements of your growing business. Aside from APIs, SEDCI Cloud Applus also provides you various platforms to connect, create, access, and control with numerous applications powered by GSuites.


Reach your audience and go beyond your target using our SMS-based service. Our SMS API is designed to communicate to a large group of subscribers and can send out messages for various purposes:


Appointment Reminders

Billing Notifications


Voice API

Connect better with your audience using our VoIP (Voice over IP), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and voice mashups. Our voice applications can solve your needs in communications by automating calls, converting text-to- speech, make conference calls, outbound and inbound calls, and more:

Voice Reminders

Voice Inquiry

Use Case

Payment Reminder

Customer Support Hotline

Charging API

Provide better options for your clients in modes of payment. We make it easier for you and your clients to settle payments using our Charging API, which you can configure to your requirements:

Configurable Mode of Payment

Postpaid Billing

Prepaid Load

Subscription Charging

In-app Purchases


Build a self-service menu for your customers for their convenience. Our USSD app lets you create your own menu with editable contents and common inquiries such as promo info, location, accounts, and more:

Self-service Menu Creation

Editable Content


Google continues to dominate the digital landscape. GSuites provide the applications you need for better communication and collaboration with your organization and market. From real-time collaboration, email automation, security verification, to video conferences, we have the apps for you to maximize your Google user-experience.


Google Calendar

Google Hangout

Google Docs

Google Spread Sheets

Google Drive

Google Slides


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