Avail the next-generation platform for computing to move your business ahead. SEDCI's computing services are highly scalable. Easy to deploy and carry no requirement for long-term commitment, our brand of IaaS is what you need to remain competitive.


IT Operations Simplified and Business Agility

Innovate how you offer technology to your customers. Our brand of IaaS is easy to deploy and immediately accessible by users through the virtual platform. SEDCI handles the IT infrastructure including the network, power, and physical servers while providing you the access to virtual servers so that you can cater your customers' requirements.


Rely on a service that reduces the cost of failure and avail business solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. IT resources can be pricey but we aim to provide you the best services for your requirements while still letting you generate cost-savings.

In-Country Cloud

Avoid complexities such as troubleshooting offshore and complications in policies of foreign countries by having your data within the Philippines.



VPC provides you the processing power through private cloud resources without the expensive price of buying dedicated servers.


Scale your requirements better by paying for what you really need. Be able to choose which Operating System (OC and applications to load; and increase or decrease vRAM, vCPU, storage, and other variables.

Customizable Virtual Network

Access Internet Protocol (IP) address range, route tables, network gateways, and subnets to configure to your own desire.

Ensure Security and Reliability

Secure your data using a private networking and resource pool. And if future troubles may arise, worry no more by counting on a carrier class back-end service to keep things up and running.


SEDCI ensures security and reliability as our professional team handles pre-configured and fully-tested components to construct your private cloud. DPC also allows customers to make their own virtual data centers making this option appealing to value-added hosting providers. Dedicated Cloud can also provide multiple gateways to the Internet, allowing each virtual data center created to have its own network and firewall configurations.

Inflexible requirements and fully dedicated resources in a single tenant environment provide the security you require for your data. Cloud benefits and physical maintenance are also included.

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