SEDCI's Human Capital Management offers an easy-to-use platform for better human resource management. Our fully automated HR solutions are easy to use and flexible for users with minimal training so that your business can focus on growth and expansion.


Automated Encoding

Manage time and attendance, overtime, and leave tracking better by automating the encoding to reserve your time and energy for other management duties.

Employee Accessibility

Provide access to employees for viewing their Daily Time Records (DTR). All these data are also generated automatically for payroll.

Integration Security

Integrate your DTR, time scheduling, overtime history, and other timekeeping data with current biometric hardware in a fully secured database.


Centralized Data

Organize employee information and records and automate DTR, payroll, leaves, and overtimes in a single database for easier management.

Business Analytics

Access accurate and detailed HR reports and critical metrics so that you can plan business strategies at ease.

Easy Configuration

Maximize managing employee performance, company departments, and administrative work with easy-to- use configurations.


Advanced Validation Process

Automate calculations of attendance, approved overtimes, cash advances, commissions, and other computations.

Easy Payroll Generation

Generate payroll with ease by automatically calculating all of your employees’ complete attendance, overtimes, and leaves.

Government Compliance

Configure and provide gov’t reports for your requirements and generate other BIR, SSS, Philhealth, Pagibig, and other gov’t documents automatically with just a few clicks.


Easy Management through Cloud

Sync your accounting data into a cloud system and throughout all of your devices. Track your sales and create invoices using accurate data of your finances that are also securely backed-up.

Collaboration and Security

Collaborate with colleagues using our multiple-user accounting software that still givesyou control of your online data’s accessibility. Your finances are organized and backed-up automatically with industry-standard safeguards.

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